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What age were you when you bought your [B]first[/B] Harley?

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What age were you when you bought your first Harley? HARLEY.

34 :rolleyes:
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First Harley, 2002 FXDL, also my first bike, November 2002, age 44
Second Harley, 2003 FLHRI, to arrive January 2003
I can't believe I spent so many years of my life only dreaming of riding, now I am having the time of my life living my dream.
First streetbike in 1970, 16 years old, a '62 150cc Francis Barnett. My first Harley a 1200 Sportster Custom when I was......uhhhhhh (got my shoe off counting) 45 and now presently have an FLSTS Heritage Springer, got it when I was 48.

1st street bike , also my 1st bike, a 1981 Suzuki GS 400.
1st Harley, 2001 FLHR.
1st Harley - 27 - 1994 Sportster 1200

2nd Harley - 35 - 2003 Electra Glide Standard
1st Harley was a 1993 FLSTN bought when I was 33.
2nd (and current) Harley is a 2002 FLHT bought when I was 42.
Long before a Kawasaki KZ400 at 18, and a Suzuki GS850 at 19 which was still running strong when I bought the first Harley.
41-11/12 + a few days here and there. Never really wanted a Harley. With a family and sick jones for the latest electronic gadget, I was content to ride a long line of fine jap bikes. Then came that fateful day when I drove by the that little v-rod in the window. She looked at me and I looked at her, with her sad glass eye staring up at me... and well here we are together. Now if my wife would get off her mojo and pick the right damn lottery numbers I may someday find a way to pay for it.
Was 20, bought a '74 Sportster....sure miss that right side shift.
First motorcycle of anykind a week ago....age 55.
First motorcycle of anykind a week ago....age 55.
First HD @ 30. :D :D
Rest of details under my thread "Couple of Questions".
bear aka Don B
1st was a 95 Dyna Low Rider bought in March 2001 @ age 44. They(Cycle Exchange - gone out of business now :( ) tried to talk me into a Road King or Fat Boy for 2-up but I'd always wanted a Low Rider. My brother had bought a 2000 Softail back in Feb. 2001 and I was getting fever again. Wife told me, "Kids are gone, we can afford it, so either get one or shut up because I've been listening to you go on about one for 17 yrs."(Go ahead, Deborah, admit it now instead of denying it). :D So couple of days later I was filling out load app(signed her name...:D) and trailered it home in POURING rain 3 days later(This after a 1+ year drought in GA. Had I known that, I'd have bought it years earlier. :D)

Well, 4 months later I was going to buy some LED lights for turn signals at another shop and she sat on 2001 Fat Boy. She asked me about trading up. I told her I'd think about it. Guy walking by said, "HELL, Man. You're halfway home. Mama already said okay." So we decided on the 2001 Road King because it already had windshield and hard bags.

I call her 'Beth' for the only love song that KISS ever wrote together. Opening of song is 'Beth, I hear you calling.....' :D
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My 1st HD

I was 24 when I bought my first Harley.

24 - '79 Ironhead (XL)
25 - '00 Sportster Custom - Currently still loving this bike!
first street bike at 16
first harley at 24.

I owned 2 bikes before buying a car.
FXDeanX said:
Yeah, she was hot...35 FUCKING YEARS AGO

Ah, to be 'one' again. big sigh......
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:D Sh(t I don't remember...........oh yea I was 16, ole Sporty
first bike - 8 years old .....a box frame Briggs and Sratton
first harley -29
First Harley at 39 (whew....made it 6 months before 40)
Wife's first Halrey will be early next year at 42.

Had to wait with finances, but wish we could have done it a long time ago.
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