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What age were you when you bought your [B]first[/B] Harley?

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What age were you when you bought your first Harley? HARLEY.

34 :rolleyes:
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1st bike in 1990 at 22, first Harley this year at 34. Well worth the wait!
First bike at 28 - Honda 250 Rebel
First Harley at 30 - 1979 Lowrider

Hubby got his first bike the second he could walk
His First Harley at 16 - Sporty
at age 18 - Heritage Softail
at age 20 - 1950 Panhead
42, first it was a price issue, than I had the money but three little kids(safety discussion with my wife). Now the kids are a little older and bought my first Harley earlier this year.
Bought my first at 21, a 1967 FL which I still own and ride. Have had 15 or so other HD's through years. Also have a 2002 Road Glide and a 36 Knuck:D :D :D
First Harley

age - 19
bike - 1965 XLH Sportster - bought in 1966 - (a few of you may be old enough to remember that there were two Sportster models then, an XLH & XLCH model!)
22 1970 sportster 26 1980 super glide 41 2003 Deuce will getting it in sept.
49 years

The open road has been calling all these years and I've been too blind to listen.
43 - that was last week

Picked up a 1200. Last bike was a Triumph Bonneville, bought new in 1979.


30 something. A 1200 XLCH.
First bike 10
First street bike 18
First Harley 31
First Bike Age: 19
First Harley ('01 FXDX Jade) Age: 46
Reason: 8 children:D
Midnight Green said:
First Bike Age: 19
First Harley ('01 FXDX Jade) Age: 46
Reason: 8 children:D
You need to click........... Here.. :D
First street bike = 17

First REAL motorcycle (Harley) = 45
First Bike- 175 Yamaha Enduro 1969 age 29.

First Street Bike- Yamaha RD400 1974 age 34

First Harley- 01 Heritage Age 61. Hope I got another good 20 years coming cause I love riding this one.

Ok. So I'm a late bloomer!

First bike and first Harley...43
Bike here in 6 weeks.
First Harley/first bike: 15, '72 HD 175 Enduro (anybody remember those?).
First bike: 16 years
First Harley: 35 years
41 - 60 of 208 Posts
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