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What age were you when you bought your [B]first[/B] Harley?

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What age were you when you bought your first Harley? HARLEY.

34 :rolleyes:
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Does the red headed step child count?
16 first street bike, you could ride on a permit wiyhout a licensed driver.

24 first Harley, a 1977 FXE there is a picture of me on it in the October 1987 Easyrider magazine on page 23.
Im 25, and my first Harley is scheduled for delievry oct 4th.
37 - first Harley
38 - second Harley!
20 - first street bike
First street bike - 14 We could ride without a license.
The others don't count.
First Harley - 32
Second Harley - 49
Last Harley - NEVER! I'm taking mine with me.
First bike-age 14. 12 motorcycles and 36 years later...the first Harley.
The big 5-0
First H-D

I was 17 and bought a 1956 Hydra-glide rigid frame.It was red & white
kick start and man I wish I still had it.
Ride Safe
Waiting for delivery of my first, around Oct. I'm 32. J.T.
First bike age 12 (shared it with my brother...)
2nd age 18
3rd age 22
4th and first Harley age 42
5th ... I'll let you know when I get another ... ;)
16 - it was a 72 HD Sprint.
16-20 a couple of dirt bikes and a 900 Kawasaki.
20-36 ?
36 - 2nd H-D, a 01 RC :D
20-36 ? I'm not even gonna ask. :D
When I get it I'll let you know. It's on order (so they tell me). Can't get anybody to give me a date, haven't really bought it yet, don't even have a VIN#, ..............BLAH BLAH BLAH
Is that enough whining? HA! Yeah Cox, would ya shutup already!

Harleygog, the voices are talking to me tooE!!! HA!

If I get it this year I'll be 45
1st Street Bike-16
1st Harley-Davidson-42

And many bikes in between !
This year- 29.
1 - 20 of 208 Posts
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