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What a relief.......

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What a relief to find this place. I have been on the "other" HD forum, and will never go back. While there are some great guys there, the abundance of Rambos and the LEO haters are just too much to have to deal with. It's like being around a bunch of 3rd graders arguing in the schoolyard.

I hope you guys will allow me to hang around.
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Sure you like it now. Let's see what you have to say after you get caught up in your 253rd "real biker" thread, or --perish the thought -- a good oil thread.

You'll be changin' your tune then, buster. :hystria:
Hey Bligh,

Since you brought it up...What kind of oil do REAL bikers use currently ?

%[email protected]
OK. Maybe that question was impossible to answer. How about an easy one?

Why are Black motorcycles faster than the other colors?

Dunno. Mine's black cherry pearl. That makes me half fast, doesn't it? People been calling me half fast for years. Must be what they meant?


Now that was funny.

Goes into the book with that famous Native American tribe, the Heckarewe.
1 - 3 of 45 Posts
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