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Well I am going to try this again...

Just wanted to brief the gang (who I won't name but will give clues) on the first half of a certain riders trip to Colrado Springs from OKC (thats the first clue OKC).

He and a few military buddies headed out early on THursday morning (clue: he is in the military) for a DAY trip (ha ha ha I said to my self the only way that is a day trip is on an airplane, but who am I to correct a man with map!).

Well he calls back late on Thursday night to say they DECIDED to stop in some town in New Mexico. Then goes on to qualify the stop by saying they took the "SCENIC" route and it was taking a little longer so they were going to stop and get rested up. Still I don't say a word, but it is real hard to contain myself and remain composed until I get off of the phone. I am thinking to myself what he really wants to say is his butt is numb and his hands can't hold on to the bars one more mile.

Much like the three hour tour that started out on Gilligans Island, I knew they would be a while, but at least they were having a safe trip.

Well last night he calls back (last clue: initials are dp) to say they are headed home and had to stop in this little town outside of Colorado Springs because of delays due to wildfires but they would be back on the road early this morning. I think reality has set in because he made a point of saying they were going to make it to Taos New Mexico today and probably finish up the trip tomorrow.

Unfortunately I wont get to see him come rollin in ( a picture that I would have loved to have and post on the site) but I am sure that I will get details just listening to him re tell the story TIME AND TIME AGAIN to the neighbors.

I will try to update you as the story develops.

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