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Welding "Superstores"

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Look, I'm not a shill but thought I'd post this as a "heads-up" type thing.

I drive a rig in the real world and recently went to work for a company (21 outlets) that deals with welding supplies and gases...I haul some "hard" product but mostly argon, stargon, hydrogen, oxygen, CO2, acetylene, nitrogen, et cetera. Ya know, I don't weld, but when I walked around the retail shop I was amazed at the sheer amount of stuff (in a frikking welding store) that I'd be interested in.

Gloves: tons of them..leather, fleece, tight mechanics gloves, wrist tight, elbow high, probably 30 different types, Glasses! Damned near all are UV safe and tinted...red, blue, clear, amber...and CHEAP. Hell, I can't tell you the number of times I've spent 10 bucks in a walmart on a pair of glasses and imagined that I got a bargain. Try a welding shop and pay in the range of 6 to 8 bucks...you won't be disappointed.

Looking for a doo-rag or a bandanna? Welding shops got em. Do a little browsing and check it out.

The few times I have actually worked the register during down times, I'd say that half the customers were either bikers or (today), snowmobilers. That's right...frikking snowmobilers walking around and buying gloves, glasses and doo-rags for a day out. They were'nt interested in torches, gas or tig tips.

As I said, I aint a shill but I feel that a bargain ought to be passed along.

If you are looking to save a dollar or two and have a LARGE retail welding place nearby, stop in and browse...you might like the prices.

Just a few cents.
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There's one a few miles up the road from me, I think it's National Welders. I'll go and check it out. Thanks for the heads up.
You are spot on bro.
As Iam a fitter, by profession I spend some time in welding supply stores and i have picked up some great bargains inc. workwear,tools,sunsreeen and yes UV wrap-around safety/sunglasses.
Hey guys, thanx for the feedback.

I never heard of National Welders but I went to their website and they appear to sell the same stuff that we sell.

Bottom line is that some of the stuff that "we" like is available at some off the wall locations. If I have my glasses blow-off or otherwise get trashed, I now know that a welding shop is an equivalent alternative to a walmart or a drugstore.

Judging by the amount of readers of this topic, seems that many are learning, too.

Just a side thought, when I worked the register I noticed lots of women were stopping by. Some were picking up stuff for the husband/boyfriend, but some were buying for themselves. Cool!

Thanks for the replies.
I also drive a truck for a welding supply company. Westair in San Diego. I buy glasses from them all the time for a few bucks a pair(my cost). I own a bar also and get my gas from them at a huge discount. I guess Im not the only one here that rolls cylinders for a living.:cheers:
Yeah brother, I roll them. kick them and maKe them dance.
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