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Weird noise on clutch release

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Hi Guys,

I Have a 95 FXDWG and noticed something the other day that I require your advice on.I returned from a ride the other day pulled into my drive and stopped. then released the clutch while in first gear to coast around the back of my place, when I released the clutch and with out any throttle input a clunk sort of noise ocurred at the front of the bike and it then started to move without any drama's so I parked it up. Now the next time I went riding the same thing, stop the bike clutch in, using first gear, release clutch Glunk! and then bike moves funny thing is if I blip the throttle as I release the clutch nothing! and otherwise is running fine and rides well? simple clutch adjustment required? its going in for a service soon so I mention it to the mechanic just thought I get your views

thanks for your time

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I had a "push rod bearing" go out. It made some strange noises, then showed up as a out of adjustment clutch cable. :huh: The tech said it was a rare thing.
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