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Watch for Water Leak

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Brought my Vrod in for 5k service this week, and before I bring it in
I check things over. Well I have a water leak! It seemed
to be coming from the filler neck area so I took the air box lid off
to inspect and the overflow line was rubbed through right where it
came out of the filler neck. Told the dealer about it, but said if
you have to order the part don't fix it I'll go down to Autozone and
buy some rubber hose to fix it inlieu of waiting for a new rubber
hose which of course they didn't have in stock.

Well not only was the hose rubbed through but the metal tube had a
crack in it also. So everyone check you filler neck tube to see if
it is too close to the frame. If it is you can adjust it with a
little persuasion.

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I had the same problem after the dealer installed the braided hose. I think the dealer pushed that whole piece down to far onto the braided hose. They replaced the piece with the overflow and pressure cap and the overflow hose. But it still sits on the frame. I talked to a Harley Rep in Rapid City SD. He said that the overflow tube shouldn't rest on the frame. My dealer looked at an 03 V-Rod with stock hose installed. It had about 1/8 in gap between overflow tube and the frame. The mechanic is going to raise it off the frame for me. I'll post when I get it back.
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