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Hello Riders!

I would like to formally introduce one of my sponsors, Midwest Police Motorcycle Training INC. I am an instructor for them and let me tell you, its the BEST training you can possibly get as a civilian motorcycle rider.

Why? Because Midwest is a no non-sense approach to motorcycle riding. The civilian classes are based 100% on the 80hour Midwest Police Motor Officer school, just broken up into segments since most riders cant take two weeks off of work! The instructors are experienced Police Motor Officers/Instructors and they want you to be the BEST rider you can be by the time you complete the course.

Whether you get the sacred certificate of passing, after a day with Midwest Police Motorcycle Training INC, you'll realize you got every penny worth in one day alone. Go to my website www.lockandlean.com and click on the training page. What are you waiting for, true FUN and SAFETY on a motorcycle is waiting for you, GO GET IT!

Enjoy a sample of some Police/Civilian courses as practiced on a Midwest training range below!

Click on the link.

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