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WA. Tuners

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Does anyone know of a good tuner in western WA. Preferably one that has a dyno and is good with a SERT.

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I prefer Arlin at Full Throttle Dyno Service, Tacoma. Call and talk to him. He is knowlegable and takes the time and care to get it right.
Thanks, I'll give them a call. Was going to take it to Destination Harley but I'm not to sure that they know what they are doing.
I don't know if it helps, but Northwest Harley-Davidson dows dyno tuning. However, after talking to them I got the impression they work with PCIII a lot but not SERT.

You should talk with the folks down at R&R American Cycle in Auburn. They use a Dynojet Model 250 Load-Control Dynamometer and the Dynojet realtime Air/Fuel Ratio module.

Please post where you end up going and your results.

Thanks guys, I just received my SERT today so will be checking them out soon. I'll post results.

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I wasn't aware that R&R was a SERT shop, they speak PC
How does R&R do with carbs? Are they know to be good tuners or just have good equipment?


Kent, WA
wow, lot of wa riders in here. Good to know considering I am movin up there in Feb. (ft lewis/tacoma) Good to hear there are some good bike shops in the area.
I called R&R American Cycle in Auburn today, said they don't work with the SERT any more, to labor intensive. They just work with the Power Commander. Tried calling Full Throttle Dyno Service in Tacoma but they don't answer that phone, may have to wait until after the holidays.
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