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Vulcans out there?

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Never used this section before but a friend has a new Vulcan 800. Looks sort of like a wide glide. He wants to customize it and I was wondering if any of you have pics of a custom one that I could give him to get some ideas. Thanks.
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Fire and Steel

Not sure of where you can find some pics but I know Kaw has it's own catalog of accessories called Fire and Steel and they have a few custom vulcans in it (had a 99' vulcan 800 classic for a short bit). If he doesn't have one yet tell him to pick one up off his dealer. Other than that I'd say just surf the net for vulcan forums...there are a few of em but a good portion of em' are in foreign languages lol. Hopes this helps some.

-Ride Safe-
Looked in my history and found one

Found this URL that had had bookmarked from a while back. Has some pics and has a ton of links to other pages for accessories and groups and such.

-Ride safe-
Frank you belly much(is that the right language?):D I'll check it out!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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