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Vote For The November 2016 V-Twin Forum Ride of the Month

  • Rendell 2016 FLHTCU

    Votes: 3 4.2%
  • V-STRUM 1987 FXRS-SP

    Votes: 30 42.3%
  • cwilks 1994 FLHTC

    Votes: 30 42.3%
  • refg3880 1983 FLTC

    Votes: 8 11.3%

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Here we go you bunch of Posers, it's time to vote for the November 2016 V-Twin Forum Ride of the Month. We have 4 fine scooters to choose from this month. We got new scooters, we got old scooters, we even got FXR scooters. So there should be something to catch almost everyone's eye.

This is the last ROTM for 2016, soon as we put this little bit of voter intimidation to bed, we'll move on and select the ride of the year.

So lets get to it, here are the candidates for November.



Year: 2016
Model: FLHTCU "Electra Glide Ultra Classic"
Eng size: 103 inch
Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc): 6sp
Pipes: Stock straight up
Seat: stock straight up
Wheels: stock you guessed it, straight up
And the story: I traded in my 06 FLHTCUI Ultra Classic, 96 kit big cam... Anyway the 06 was Black, this is Mystic Red over Velocity Red two tone. The deal was way to nice. I just couldn't help it. I know it's stock, but I don't see any other applying. So, if no one else applies I might have a chance.. So, this this is sweet.



Year: 1987
Model: Low Rider Sport FXRS-SP
Eng size: 80''
Transmission: 5 speed
Pipes: Cycle Shack
Seat: stock
Wheels: Rev Tech

And the story: I feel in love with this bike when it came out in '87, but money kept me from buying one. After 3 years of saving I found a very clean, used one in 1990 with 11K miles. It already had some motor work done: EV27 cam, SE carb & ignition, and SE Kerker pipes. I rode it a lot, commuting during the week, pleasure rides on the weekends, touring, I couldn't stay off it.
At the end of 2001, with 108K miles, I decided to freshen it up a little mechanically and visually. The motor was rebuilt, heads flowed, Wiesco pistons, and Mikuni HSR42 added. Black powder coat and chrome covers replaced the the stock bare aluminum motor which I never liked. The entire front end was replaced with FXDX fully adjustable forks, brake calipers, handlebars, and controls, along with Revtech wheels. The tins got new factory teal and black paint, which was a custom color in 2000.
Since 2006 I've owned multiple bikes so the FXR doesn't get ridden quite as much, but it's still my favorite. Other bikes, a wife, and girlfriends have come and gone, but the FXR remains, I love it just as much, if not more, than when I first got it.
Current mileage is 186K miles.



Eng size:120"
Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc):5 speed (there's more?)
Pipes:Cobra Duals w/ CVO Muffs
Seat:Corbin Dual Tour (THEE riders seat)
Wheels:17" 2013 Knuckle Wheel
Proof of miles (speedo photo):
Tunes:pleeeeze (it's a rider NOT a concert hall)
Functional Accessories:yep

And the story: Bought this bike from a guy in Kneevada for $4500 a few months ago....
pulled the 50,000 mile motor out and replaced it with a 120" Ultima motor....did a few things
here and there to make it more rider friendly...it's a 10'er...looks way better in pics than it actually does...has plenty of "character"



1983 fltc tour glide classic
stock motor
stock tranny
stock everything right done to the carb

bike was a one owner bought new is 83, the man passed and i bought it in 2010 from his wife with 17,000 org miles on her. i have the org fairing for it just like the look of this better. not many true survivor org bikes left out there. runs and drives 100% at 80 mph youd think your on a new bike.


So there they be. Now have a good look and vote your choice as the November 2016 V-Twin Forum Ride of the Month scooter.

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All good choices but I went with cwilks for how it looks but mostly for all what he did to get it right. Especially like the custom oil filter access.

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cwilks ya did a nice job.

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The vote has to go to cwilks for the amount of work he put into it.

The fxr is not that bad lookin...for an fxr.=devil=


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Im currently in negotiations with the heirarchy offering a substantial "donation" to the site for certain "considerations" in regards to the voting....stay tuned.

Merry Christmas to all Touring Cult members. :xhere:
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