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Anybody seen a review and/or dyno results in any
of the magazines or elsewhere for these new
exhaust pipes (V&H Bigshots, Long style)? They
have a new "Power Chamber" crossover which is
appealing to my performance hungry self, and this
crossover differentiates them from the Longshots
that have been out for a while now.

I have a '99 Heritage Springer softail that I think a set of good quality, long drag-style pipes would look great on. Also looking for that "awesome sound"!

You can check them out if you'd like at:

Saint Petersburg, Florida:D

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hi! i have a 95 heritage softail with the evolution. i have put the bigshot longs on, rejetted with a thunderslide kit, and put an aftermarket intake with k&n filter, basically stage 1. i just had my bike dynoed today, and the results were 65.7 horsepower, and 81.7ft/lbs of torque. the bike sounded awesome on that dyno. everyone was pluggin their ears haha. (huge crowd) harding harley in corning ny had a harley rendevous with a dyno shootout. $10 bucks to enter so i said what the heck! at least now i know what i got.
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