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V-Twin Forums Ride of the Month 2017 Event 8

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And here it is, the much awaited V-Twin Forums Ride of the Month 2017 Event 8. AKA as the FXR Special.

This should be a busy event with lots of Cult participation.

So get the summer dirt and bugs rubbed off of them, take a few fresh photos, and enter em up.

This is the last event of 2017. Next up we have the run off qualifier event, and then its on to V-Twin Forums Ride of the Year.

The Qualifier will run for the month of November, with the Ride of the Year decided on News Years Day.

As always, please remember to format those entries properly. And keep comments on topic in the entry thread. Don't re-post entry photos in your quotes. Save the fun and harassment for the poll threads.

Eng size:
Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc):
And the story:
You can use these as inspiration.
Example of a simple entry with one photo: http://www.v-twinforum.com/forums/4941906-post2.html
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Someday when my bike grows up. Or rather I actually get to working on the cosmetics....
Just to keep this from getting totally embarrassing.

Year: 1990
Model: FXRS
Eng size: 80 ci
Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc): 5 sp
Pipes: salvaged off of a Softail
Seat: Stock
Wheels: Stock
And the story: Bought it wrecked. Slowly fixing it up between riding seasons. :redrolf:

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Didn't you already win rom with that bike??? Just wondering.
3 yrs ago. Time's fun when you're having flies.

Cyberspace Truckin
Therm, how did you "rework" the baffles?
BTW thermo, drop your fork bag below the lamp so you can be cool like alan.
Damn. I'm a cool kid and didn't even know it.
Who knew Alan S even had a bike? :)
Bite me.

And it's even back on the road!!:Banadance
Wow. That's hard.

That's alright. He owes me a couple of beers. I'll start charging interest.:roflback:
Wow, this month ain't gonna be a gimme for anyone.

If I'd have known people were going to show up, I wouldn't have entered my wreck.
Dayum! The FXR's are showing up in force now.
1 - 9 of 59 Posts
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