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V-Twin Forums Ride of the Month 2017 Event 7 Poll

  • Dead Man 2008 FXSTB

    Votes: 3 13.6%
  • Laars 1988 FXLR

    Votes: 12 54.5%
  • CAT3 2017 Custom Build

    Votes: 7 31.8%

V-Twin Forums Ride of the Month 2017 Event 7 Poll

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OK here it is, August already. An time to vote on event #7 in the V-Twin Forums Ride of the Month for 2017.

So lets have at it and choose a winner and a runner up. With three entries, that means we have two slots for three scooters, so one goes home.


Dead Man

Harley Night Train/FXSTB
96 Engine
6spd Trans
V&H Short Shots
Brawler Solo Seat
Stock Wheels
Harley Deuce Headlight,Powder Coated Black.Harley Tri Bar Tail Light,Heartland USA Side Plate And Plate Light.Lowered A Bit,Powder Coated Pulley And Covers Along With Belt Guards.Alloy Art Rear Turn Signals Painted Wrinkle Black To Match.And Custom Made 3% tank Bib.

The story, It all started about a year ago I read this forum and many others to research my first Harley, and after about 6 months of reading I narrowed it down I had 2 bikes to pick from, the Fatboy and the Night Train, my local Harley dealer had a Fatboy so I went and sat on it, didn't like the feel, felt like I was on top on the bike if that makes sense,but no one anywhere I could find had a Night Train. So I took the biggest gamble of my life I bought the Train from 3 states away and all I had was pictures and my research never even seeing one in person much less sit one. But I bought it had it shipped to me,and as soon as I sat on it, was like a glove it felt like I was sitting in the bike/part of it. Its perfect everything about it. my Big Gamble paid off. Thank God.



Model: FXLR
Eng size:80 in Evo
Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc): 5 speed
Seat: Lepera Bare Bones
Front End: Wide Glide
Color: Root Beer with ghost flames.
And the story:1988 FXLR that was completely rebuilt by a friend of mine who owns D'Vision Cycles in Dover NH. Bike had 17,000 on it originally. It has 6000 since the rebuild, mostly by me. I had a chance to buy it last year, and I jumped at it. I changed the bars to Wild 1 drag bars, and added the Lepera Bare bones seat. That was it. Since then I'm riding it as my every day ride.




Here's mine then ......

Year, 2017 just finished last night !
Model, Custom Bobber
Engine Size, 93" S&S P-series Panhead with Morris magneto ignition.
Transmission, 6-speed Trikshift & 2" BDL belt drive.
Pipes, One-off OJZ pipes with PipeWerx end cans.
Seat, Rich Phillips
Wheels, Rear - 18" 240, Front - 21" spool wheel

Bought the first bit ten years ago after seeing a picture one of my friends showed me of a Youngs Choppers bobber. Engine is a S&S P-series 93" Panhead powder coated & rebuilt by Accurate Engineering. Frame is by Fenland Choppers over here in the UK as is the oil tank/battery box. Fuel tank & under-seat cover are one-offs as is the rear mudguard. Paint is by Joeby Airbrush Art, again here in the UK. Front & rear calipers & switchgear is by Performance Machine. Front disc took some making, a friend to draw it on CAD, a local firm to laser cut it out, 410 stainless steel from the good old USA, heat treated by a local firm & surface ground by an aerospace engineering firm who's boss is into bikes !!


So there you have it, three fine scooters to choose from. On new school, one old school, and one built by hand.
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I voted for Lars' bike based on two things: looks and whether it is a bike I would enjoy riding long term.

Just saying. I've been offered no reward of any kind.
You'll ruin your reputation that way.

I can be bought. I'm just not cheap.
So--you are from LA?

No—but I am not agin a free FXR.
I figured it was just us musicians from NH sticking together.
Be very quiet--I try to keep that a secret.

Understood. You're trying to save Laars some embarrassment.:laugh:
No--I have real bad stage fright and don't want anyone asking me to play/sing.

Let's keep the idle chatter down to a minimum gentlemen....this is a ROTM thread.....not a knitting thread. :nono:
Hey—I have a black bike, now!
1 - 6 of 22 Posts
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