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Model:FLT, Tour Glide
Eng size:80ci.+.030in.
Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc):Rebuilt Stock 5spd.
Pipes:Stock True Duals with opened up cans and a missing heat shield
Seat:Ebay Stock Replacement
Wheels:Factory Supplied

And the story:I bought this bike off of ebay roughly 7 yrs.ago.It was a rolling basket case.Mileage was unknown.
The transmission leaked,the cylinder heads leaked,the enclosed chain drive and inner primary were trashed,it had a S&S B carb on it.
I rebuilt the transmission,found a nos inner primary and replaced the primary chain,final drive chain and sprockets.The carb was replaced with a S&S E.The bottom end of the engine was good so I had the heads rebuilt,replaced the pistons with cast .030 over's and a fresh rebore and hone.The cam was replaced with a Andrews A2 cam.New tires and brake pads.
It is no beauty queen but it is reliable now and will pull 100 mph.with ease.

The FLT is considered the Grandfather of all modern touring HD models.Many firsts for this year bike,such as rubber mounted engine and 5 spd.transmission.The FXR borrowed the frame for its platform.

Here is a detailed list of the features introduced and or included for the 1980 FLT.

Series FLT-80 Tour Glides

First Year

The Model FLT-80 Tour Glide is an all-new model powered by the 80ci motor

Engine, primary case and transmission bolted into one unit

Three-point rubber-mounted vibration isolated engine

Five-speed transmission

Oil-bath enclosed rear chain

"Sport bike" steering geometry

New frame of welded tubes and stampings

Frame extending in front of the steering head

Frame featuring a rectangular steel backbone, no center post, two downtubes, and shocks in position to allow more rear wheel travel

Cone cover shape to oil tank

Wheelbase measures 62.5in

16in wheels

Weight ( tank half-full ) is 7811b

"Classic" logo on tiont fender

Instruments mounted on the forks

Improved exhaust system

Frame-mounted fairing with dual headlights

Spin-on oil filter

Motorola electronic ignition featuring an electronic advance mechanism

Larger than standard saddlebags and top box

Frame-mounted seat

Dual 10in disc front brakes

Rear brake is single 12in disc

Storage compartments in fairing

Tank without mounted speedometer

Footboards not spring-mounted

Ignition switch includes a integral Fork lock

Two-piece heel-and-toe shifter




Thanks for your interest.

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Maybe I should enter again ? Nah, the woopin' I got from Springer was enough for this year. :spank:
Besides Green bikes matter. :laugh:

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Maybe I should enter again ? Nah, the woopin' I got from Springer was enough for this year. :spank:
Besides Green bikes matter.
I look at the scenery behind the bikes not just the bike. Like that picture of the toad wagon. What nice trees behind it. We don't see many birch trees down here.
Garages count too. See I have a tin garage and it is a pleasure to look at the different set ups.
Mebbe have a vtwin garage month. Just a thought.

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Cwilks.....What the hell are you doing?

This is an entry thread. And you are posting non entry photos and quoting photos already entered. You trying to make me prove that I deserve my AH merit badge?
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