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V-Twin Forums Ride of the Month 2017 Event 5

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OK here it is, the fifth V-Twin Forums Ride of the Month event for 2017.

In keeping with the previously voted on format, this month is an open event. Any V-Twin scooter can be entered. Long as you own it, it plays.

So now it's riding season more or less across all of the states, so there should be plenty of riders out and about. So take a photo or two and enter em up.

Just to make things sporting, this month the 2nd and 3rd place entries will carry over to the end of year events. That three scooters moving into the run off rounds.

As always, please remember to format those entries properly. And keep comments on topic in the entry thread. Don't re-post entry photos in your quotes. Save the fun and harassment for the poll threads.

Eng size:
Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc):
And the story:
You can use these as inspiration.
Example of a simple entry with one photo: http://www.v-twinforum.com/forums/4941906-post2.html
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We aren't voting yet, and so far he will be one of the selected since there are only 2 entries (out of 3 going forward)
Screw it, I feel like I haven't had enough losing lately, might as well try this one last time. And if no one else enters, I'm automatically forwarded for whatever that other part was. And yes it is the same entry from last year, haven't done anything else to it.

Model: Buell XB9R
Eng size:1050cc
Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc):5sp
Where to start... White mirrors, dark tall windscreen, removed raised lettering and hand cut black reflective vinyl letters, same black vinyl around the headlights. Rebuilt top end to 1050cc bolt on big bore, XB12 throttle body, tuned with ECM Spy. White DEI exhaust wrap to accent the monochrome color scheme. Bullet LED turn signals with LED signal relay for proper blink rate. Replaced stock garbage headlights with custom self designed Hella Bi-Halogen projectors, wiring all done in fuse and relay boxes to look stock. Complete build thread on the light upgrade, half a thread on the 1050cc upgrade (got rushed with riding season and stopped documenting to finish the work).

Yes it is very quick and effortless to ride.

[edit] build thread on the lights

Part 1 http://www.badweatherbikers.com/buell/messages/32777/602247.html?1288537561

Part 2 http://www.badweatherbikers.com/buell/messages/32777/592520.html

The end http://www.badweatherbikers.com/buell/messages/32777/633650.html?1325177911

Story: Not much, it was owned by a hamfisted goon which caused me to do a bunch of work to make it run right. Work is done so now I mostly just ride it. Doesn't have a name.

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The attachments are there, plenty large enough if you click on them.
There are three spots going to the end of the year runoff, so the rest of you are probably safe unless someone else enters.

Can I enter two in this contest? I can take pictures of my sad, still torn apart touring machine made from many different cycles.
One of those FLT's is still kind of on my list to own. They have a certain character that you just don't find anymore. And often far more affordable than a late 60's FLH that I want.
I've seen them for less, but not recently.
Remember that 3 people will move forward on this one.
I wonder how much road time it gets.

More than my 05 which is back on the lift. The good news is that I'm picking up where I left off with the air ride so I might be able to complete it "soon".
With that much on it, it was probably time for a refresh.
That's why I never post links to something I may want to buy until I buy it, or I decide not to buy it. Had more than a few people pull stuff out from under me, and none of them were friends.
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