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V-Twin Forums Ride of the Month 2017 Event 5

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OK here it is, the fifth V-Twin Forums Ride of the Month event for 2017.

In keeping with the previously voted on format, this month is an open event. Any V-Twin scooter can be entered. Long as you own it, it plays.

So now it's riding season more or less across all of the states, so there should be plenty of riders out and about. So take a photo or two and enter em up.

Just to make things sporting, this month the 2nd and 3rd place entries will carry over to the end of year events. That three scooters moving into the run off rounds.

As always, please remember to format those entries properly. And keep comments on topic in the entry thread. Don't re-post entry photos in your quotes. Save the fun and harassment for the poll threads.

Eng size:
Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc):
And the story:
You can use these as inspiration.
Example of a simple entry with one photo: http://www.v-twinforum.com/forums/4941906-post2.html
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I'm glad Sett hasn't given up yet.
Hey Therm. How much to fix the vote and let him win. We can take up a collection.
I'm pretty sure that's only cult members.
Green bikes matter.:whistle:
I'm pretty sure that's an opinion.:hystria:
Why....yes Alan, yes it is...............and yours doesn't matter.:harhar::laugh:

I'm married. I can't remember the last time it did.
My pics are so small??
They blow up bigger, but they're fuzzy. You're gonna have to work on your photography skillz.
Try using Tinypic.com as a host.
Darn! An FXR.
Always the optimist, ain't ya?

Cyberspace Truckin
Awesome scooter, autoworker.

Cyberspace Truckin
Is it too late to enter?

And really nice ride.
That bike looks liike it's had lots of time, money, and love spent on it.

You're practice of understating is close to perfection.

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I wonder how much road time it gets.
117,000 mi worth.

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I think he got a thorn in his paw and no one to yank it out.

You sure it's not a bug up his azz?

Cyberspace Truckin
And here's the rest of the story ......

We were in chat and discussing bikes. I started talking about the 1980 FLT as the grandfather of the modern touring design. I had been looking at one on eBay and I sent him a link to explain many if it's innovative features.

Stuff that he mentions in his post... and a couple things he missed. The exhaust is a true dual. The rear pipe is on the right side of the bike and the front pipe turns and goes down the left side of the bike. No cross over, look at the pictures and you'll see it.

Also the first HD with a self centering front end. The same design has been used ever since.

I also gave huge accolades to AMF since the entire project was developed under their ownership. Pretty much the FXR was as well. Many knock AMF but they are the reason HD exists today and much of the current designs came under there watch.

So back to chatting about the one on eBay. We spent several hours going over all of that bike and how historical it is for HD. After a few hours I actually talked myself into buying that one on eBay. I clicked on the "Buy it Now" link and eBay responded with "The auction is no longer available" I refreshed the page and it was SOLD!!!!! I couldn't believe someone had bought while I had been talking about it! So I said something in the chat and Autoworker says "I bought it". He freaking bought it out from under me!!

I still give him crap about it but really he saved me 2500 miles of travel hauling it back and he saved me the cost of a full restore. In all actuality it couldn't be in better hands. He even brought it to Maine and let me ride it!

The 1980 FLT was one of the greatest evolutions in the history of HD, IMO.
Isn't that what friends are for?

Cyberspace Truckin
1 - 13 of 98 Posts
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