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V-Twin Forums Ride of the Month 2017 Event 3 Entry Thread

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OK here it is, the third V-Twin Forums Ride of the Month event for 2017.

In keeping with the previously voted on format, this month is an open event. Any V-Twin scooter can be entered. Long as you own it, it plays.

As we get close to spring, lots of folks have already been out riding scooters, even in the unseasonably warm tundra to the north. So shine em up a little, take a few photos and get em entered. You never know, your scooter could be the next V-Twin Forums Ride of the Month.

As always, please remember to format those entries properly.

You can use these as inspiration.
Example of a simple entry with one photo: http://www.v-twinforum.com/forums/4941906-post2.html
Example of a more elaborate entry: http://www.v-twinforum.com/forums/5192537-post5.htm

Eng size:
Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc):
And the story:
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I couldn't agree more. You'll never see one of Admin's scooters in a ROTM poll.

Well not unless they hire me, and then pay me real money to follow their instructions.
Well yeah. You gotta maintain your standards.

If Springer wins, I'm sure he'll donate the humongous winnings to a worthy cause.

Maybe FXR parts?
How about bronzed seat hinges and latches for all Cult members?

1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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