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Choose the V-Twin Forums 2016 4th Annual Ride Of The Year

  • 1bdBagr 2000 FLHR

    Votes: 2 7.1%
  • pb68slab 1968 FLH

    Votes: 6 21.4%
  • springer- 1983 FXRT

    Votes: 3 10.7%
  • pb68slab 1950 Panhead Custom

    Votes: 1 3.6%
  • autoworker 1980 FLT

    Votes: 3 10.7%
  • Alan S 1990 FXRS

    Votes: 2 7.1%
  • Laars 1988 FXLR

    Votes: 3 10.7%
  • dammoday 1988 FXLR

    Votes: 2 7.1%
  • CAT3 2017 Custom Build

    Votes: 2 7.1%
  • Homesick 1993 FXRT

    Votes: 4 14.3%

V-Twin Forums 2016 4th Annual Ride Of The Year

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Well, it's time to get'er done. The V-Twin Forums 2016 4th Annual Ride Of The Year starts now. We have 10 fine scooters for you to choose from, and only one can win. By New Years we'll know which one was the finest scooter in the bunch for 2017.

So have a look and cast your vote. Then get your dead beat forum pals to have a look and cast a vote. Maybe even get your neighbor to join the forum so he can vote too.

OK, lets get to it: Them what has no photos need to PM valid links to me ASAP.



Model: Road King (Previously an injected Classic)
Eng size:88 ci
Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc):Screamin Eagle Six Speed
Pipes: S&S Power Tune duals w Klock Werks Puffer Mufflers
Seat: either custom Ron Mangus seat or crappy HD badlander depending
Wheels: RSD Contrast Judges
And the story: I bought this from a bro with lo mileage many many years ago, It went thru three incarnations to get here, made changes as my tastes changed and here it is. It's hit all the western states and been to Sturgis twice. It's presently sitting at 80,540 miles. Bike was a Prestigious Painter winner from House of Kolor in 2011



Well , If I can avoid the threat of arrest , I'd like to enter my 1968 slab-side Shovelhead Electra-Glide.

Year: 1968 Harley Davidson
Model: Electra Glide FLH
Eng size: 1340
Transmission: 4spd
Pipes: Paughco
Seat: Corbin Gentry
Wheels: 16x3 front , 16x3.5 rear
And the story:pic is a few years old , soon after I freshened up the motor with some 1980 80Cu.in. internals , Andrews A cam , S&S E carb , Paughco pipes and electronic distributor.



It's been a couple of years since I played ... I was going to wait until summer and get some new pics with a hottie on it. Might still do that and post them anyway.

1983 FXRT, not stock but built to ride while retaining a mostly stock appearance.

Year: 1983
Model: FXRT (first year and only year Shovelhead)
Eng size: 1340 (Bone stock)
Transmission: 5sp (Stock)
Pipes: Stock (hens tooth to find)
Seat: Stock HD from a 1994 FXLR (nicer than the original)
Wheels: Chrome 13 spoke late model HD (Matching rear in the works, hard to do with the stock enclosed chain drive!!)
Accessories: Daymaker head light, GPS, FXRP Foot boards, Tour pack (not on it currently), K&N Air Filter, Even though the AC is the stock "Ham Can", I would call it an accessory because so many were removed and trashed.

Bought it over 10 years ago and had plans to do some upgrades for reliability but its been too reliable the way it is so I never did them. One plan thought is to machine the matching chrome 13 spoke rear wheel to work with the stock enclosed chain drive. That should be done this year.



I'll put my 1950 (titled) Panhead chopper out again.

STD cases and heads.
93cu.in. S&S HC Sidewinder kit.
Andrews C cam & Jims lifters
Baisley roller rockers.

Sputhe 5in4 trans case filled with Andrews gears.
Barnett Scorpion clutch
Primo 3in belt drive
Kick start ONLY!

Paughco rigid wishbone frame
1980 HD wide glide +4in forks
GMA brakes
Paughco pipes.
Twisted spoke wheels , 4in rear , 3in front.

Built this bike in my head , then , over several year , in my living room as I gathered the parts and mended up some broken bones.



Model:FLT, Tour Glide
Eng size:80ci.+.030in.
Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc):Rebuilt Stock 5spd.
Pipes:Stock True Duals with opened up cans and a missing heat shield
Seat:Ebay Stock Replacement
Wheels:Factory Supplied

And the story:I bought this bike off of ebay roughly 7 yrs.ago.It was a rolling basket case.Mileage was unknown.
The transmission leaked,the cylinder heads leaked,the enclosed chain drive and inner primary were trashed,it had a S&S B carb on it.
I rebuilt the transmission,found a nos inner primary and replaced the primary chain,final drive chain and sprockets.The carb was replaced with a S&S E.The bottom end of the engine was good so I had the heads rebuilt,replaced the pistons with cast .030 over's and a fresh rebore and hone.The cam was replaced with a Andrews A2 cam.New tires and brake pads.
It is no beauty queen but it is reliable now and will pull 100 mph.with ease.

The FLT is considered the Grandfather of all modern touring HD models.Many firsts for this year bike,such as rubber mounted engine and 5 spd.transmission.The FXR borrowed the frame for its platform.

Here is a detailed list of the features introduced and or included for the 1980 FLT.

Series FLT-80 Tour Glides

First Year

The Model FLT-80 Tour Glide is an all-new model powered by the 80ci motor

Engine, primary case and transmission bolted into one unit

Three-point rubber-mounted vibration isolated engine

Five-speed transmission

Oil-bath enclosed rear chain

"Sport bike" steering geometry

New frame of welded tubes and stampings

Frame extending in front of the steering head

Frame featuring a rectangular steel backbone, no center post, two downtubes, and shocks in position to allow more rear wheel travel

Cone cover shape to oil tank

Wheelbase measures 62.5in

16in wheels

Weight ( tank half-full ) is 7811b

"Classic" logo on tiont fender

Instruments mounted on the forks

Improved exhaust system

Frame-mounted fairing with dual headlights

Spin-on oil filter

Motorola electronic ignition featuring an electronic advance mechanism

Larger than standard saddlebags and top box

Frame-mounted seat

Dual 10in disc front brakes

Rear brake is single 12in disc

Storage compartments in fairing

Tank without mounted speedometer

Footboards not spring-mounted

Ignition switch includes a integral Fork lock

Two-piece heel-and-toe shifter


Alan S

What the Hell.

Year: 1990
Model: FXRS
Eng size: 80 ci
Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc): 5 sp
Pipes: salvaged off of a Softail
Seat: Stock
Wheels: Stock
And the story: Bought it wrecked. Slowly fixing it up between riding seasons.



Model: FXLR
Eng size:80 in Evo
Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc): 5 speed
Seat: Lepera Bare Bones
Front End: Wide Glide
Color: Root Beer with ghost flames.
And the story:1988 FXLR that was completely rebuilt by a friend of mine who owns D'Vision Cycles in Dover NH. Bike had 17,000 on it originally. It has 6000 since the rebuild, mostly by me. I had a chance to buy it last year, and I jumped at it. I changed the bars to Wild 1 drag bars, and added the Lepera Bare bones seat. That was it. Since then I'm riding it as my every day ride.




Hell, I'll give it a try

Year: 1988
Model: FXLR
Eng size: 111" (S&S v111 w/S&S G carb)
Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc): 6 Speed Baker OD in Delkron case
Pipes: Bassani Road Rage 2-1
Wheels: Stock cast
Forks: Gigacycle Garage "Corsair"

And the story: This is the 3rd or 4th rendition of my FXR. I have only owned it 3 years but it has had 3(!) engines in it already; stock, and later built 80", S&S 96", and I finally settled on an S&S v111. I had to replace the entire drivetrain due to the fact that the 88 transmission had the old Hitachi style starter and tapered transmission mainshaft (if you have any questions on which year parts fit what, feel free to ask me). Bike is fun as hell to ride so I didn't mind spending some extra loot on the Gigacycle Garage "Corsair" front end and it is well worth the money. I had the Baker OD6 laying around from a pro street chopper that I parted out so I threw that in there too. This is a bike that the purists will hate and it doesn't appeal much to the California dyna and fxr guys because it's not flashy... but it's mean and fast and suits my needs perfectly. Off to the dyno soon.



Here's mine then ......

Year, 2017 just finished last night !
Model, Custom Bobber
Engine Size, 93" S&S P-series Panhead with Morris magneto ignition.
Transmission, 6-speed Trikshift & 2" BDL belt drive.
Pipes, One-off OJZ pipes with PipeWerx end cans.
Seat, Rich Phillips
Wheels, Rear - 18" 240, Front - 21" spool wheel

Bought the first bit ten years ago after seeing a picture one of my friends showed me of a Youngs Choppers bobber. Engine is a S&S P-series 93" Panhead powder coated & rebuilt by Accurate Engineering. Frame is by Fenland Choppers over here in the UK as is the oil tank/battery box. Fuel tank & under-seat cover are one-offs as is the rear mudguard. Paint is by Joeby Airbrush Art, again here in the UK. Front & rear calipers & switchgear is by Performance Machine. Front disc took some making, a friend to draw it on CAD, a local firm to laser cut it out, 410 stainless steel from the good old USA, heat treated by a local firm & surface ground by an aerospace engineering firm who's boss is into bikes !!




Year: 1993

Model: FXRT

Eng size: 80 CID

Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc): 5

Pipes: White Brothers E-Pipe 2-1

Seat: Mustang Wide Touring

Wheels: Stock Moco

And the story: Bought it in '04 in South Carolina. Brought it home to Oklahoma. Crashed it in '06. Part of the rebuild was changing it from black to white.

It has what some call Stage 2 engine mods- EV-27 cam, WB 2-1 pipes, modded CV, and Wiseco 10:1 pistons. I put an S&S carb on it but went back to the CV.

I've added fog/driving lights, LED headlight, rear LED stop/signal light strip (to augment, not replace, stock lights), Clearview windshield, my brother's FL crashguard, and a butt-ugly home-made forward brake pedal that works great for me.

edit--- I forgot, it also has a SE fork brace and a SEAC.



So there they are, 10 fine scooters. Now ya gotta choose one to be the V-Twin Forums 2016 4th Annual Ride Of The Year. So have a look, take your time, and vote for the one. The one that will be the V-Twin Forums 2016 4th Annual Ride Of The Year
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I think I'm confused (again), but shouldn't this be '' V-Twin Forums 2017 4th Annual Ride Of The Year"??
Congrats pb68slab on your win, beautiful bike!
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