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V-Twin Forum Ride Of The Year, open slot

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So far, this is the line up for the ROTY.

Event 1 - 1bdBagr 2000 FLHR
Event 2 - pb68slab 1968 FLH
Event 3 - springer- 1983 FXRT
Event 4 - pb68slab 1950 Panhead Custom
Event 5 - autoworker 1980 FLT
Event 6 - Alan S 1990 FXRS
Event 7 - Laars 1988 FXLR
Event 8 - dammoday 1988 FXLR
R/O 9 - CAT3 2017 Custom Build
P/C 10 - Homesick 1993 FXRT

We have one event that had no participation. So there is one open slot.

The first member who steps up with a correctly formatted V-Twin entry can have it. One time chance to slip in.

If no one takes it by noon tomorrow, I'll fill it.
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Seeing as there no mention of any type of category I'll enter this :wavey:;

Year 1976 Kawasaki 900
Model Z900-A4
Standard pipes
Lester alloy wheels
Mr.Mister rear shocks

Owned by me from new,bought from Knott Mill Kawasaki in Manchester, (long since gone). It's done just over 70,000 miles.

Not gonna happen.

Besides, the properly formatted entry for that scooter, in this forum, would be a rear view......
For them what don't understand.

We have the final ten entries. If you have a scooter to enter, you have to wait and see what comes up next year.

1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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