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V-Twin Forum Ride Of The Year, open slot

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So far, this is the line up for the ROTY.

Event 1 - 1bdBagr 2000 FLHR
Event 2 - pb68slab 1968 FLH
Event 3 - springer- 1983 FXRT
Event 4 - pb68slab 1950 Panhead Custom
Event 5 - autoworker 1980 FLT
Event 6 - Alan S 1990 FXRS
Event 7 - Laars 1988 FXLR
Event 8 - dammoday 1988 FXLR
R/O 9 - CAT3 2017 Custom Build
P/C 10 - Homesick 1993 FXRT

We have one event that had no participation. So there is one open slot.

The first member who steps up with a correctly formatted V-Twin entry can have it. One time chance to slip in.

If no one takes it by noon tomorrow, I'll fill it.
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My brother and I rode a KZ 650 all over NH back in the day. it was a great bike.
Let it ride, Therm. I would have.
Don't make me come over there, blackie.

It's obvious there's still fear within the tractor fraternity !!
of course there is.....strength in numbers.
Exactly--the 'group' is obviously trying to compensate for some lack.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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