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V-ROD Performance Kit

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My dealer got a memo from Harley Davidson that said there is a performance kit coming.
Has anybody herd about this and want it consist of ? I have already told the dealer when it comes in its mine.
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It's news to me, but I'll do some checking tomorrow.
Do you think the dealer might be talking about the Screamin' Eagle air filter, slip on exhaust and re cal of ECM?

A little bit of improvement. See attached chart from the HD website.

Or they might be talking about this:
No I have the Screamin' Eagle stuff, there's something else
coming. I hope it will be cams.
Bike Week starts next week, I'll be all over looking for stuff. I'll report regularly.
There's already people showing up.
I am glad it might be more than bolt ons or programming. We might be talking real performance gains.
I'd heard a 'rumor' that there's a 135 HP kit coming out for the V-Rod. Probably something like the 'stages' on the other Harleys.

I would think 135 HP would still keep the bike in the 'dependable' range. Not sure if I'd want to go much higher than that?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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