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V-Rod on e-Bay

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Well, it had to happen: someone profiteering off the V-Rod. No, I'm not talking about a dealer! I just saw a post on e-Bay for a V-Rod for sale. Not hard to find either. I'm a bit appalled that someone would be selling a bike without even riding it! The e-Bay bike has 25 miles and has a min. bid of $23.7K. What a deal! Yeah, right. Anyway, I'm disgusted. The bikes are hard to get, the dealers are jacking the price and now a rider (well, not a rider, a thief) is selling a bike for almost $7K over list. And I bet the seller will get the price, too. Just not from me.

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That's not the first one, Jim.
I've been offered some bucks, to let a guy have mine, but it ain't gonna happen.
This is part of the reason for the waiting lists of the last few years, IMHO.
I say it's his business what he does with the bike. He was the one smart and fast enough to get a deposit down and THE HIGH PRICE IS DRIVEN BY THE BUYER>>>NOT THE SELLER. Better this guy getting the cash than the dealer.

Let's not treat this different just because it's a H-D. Nobody whines when somebody makes a profit on an antique or a stock or a house they bought now do they? Yeah, it's a little sad but we live in a capitalistic country thankfully and in a small way it would be anti-american to stop this kind of profiteering.

Nobody is forcing people to pay high prices...people, for whatever emotional reason are willing to pay stupid prices...happens with electronics , cars (beetle, T-bird) and even clothes. Get over it.
There's a sucker born every minute...

People gotta have it and have it now, if they think it will make 'em cool.. personally, I'm not a big fan of the water headed V-rod but do understand the demand for this new type of HD product.

The new American way is buy, buy, buy whether you can afford it or not.. This is killing the rest of us who are willing to wait and be responsible. Now I'm preaching, sorry....

yeah it sucks that a HD is on ebay

The V-Rod is going for over thirty up here in Canada..for over 14 thou less I got a Ducati ST2..it may not be quite as quick on the straight stuff but it is a whole lot better when the corners get tight and the riding gets technical. I like the idea of the motor..put it in a platform where you can take advantage of it..V-Rod? No thanks..not for that price
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