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V&H Pro Pipe HS Baffles

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I have an 03 Fatboy which I am planning to change out the stock pipes. I have decided on the V&H Pro Pipe HS primarily for the style and looks. Reading up on the catalogs, I noticed you can purchase a competion baffle for these pipes. Does anyone know the difference between the regular baffle and the competion one? From what I am reading in the forum the Pro Pipes are a medum to loud pipe. I would rather be on the loud end of the noise spectrum. Can you folks give some input on what you feel are the louder pipes? Thanks in advance.
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pro-pipe HS baffle

The only difference between the comp baffle and the reg baffle. I had both was the metal disk on the reg baffle is removed on the comp giving a straight thru, That is the only real difference the holes on the side was the same, etc. just the end cap or disk as i called it was removed.
I did lose some power with the comp baffle. But it did sound better.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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