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04ctd said:
my wife was AMAZED at the power of the VH PP on my RK, after having 3 other sets of pipes on it...

one guy on here puts a bolt & few washers on the end, drills holes in the end, and then adjusts it to tune. search for that....
I'll try to find the thread...
This is the best ProPipe mod ever, I have tried many ways, blocking row/s of holes etc, and although I don't have a dyno, I can tell you that this way you get rid of that TQ dip 2700-3000! There is all the power intended there now and you can definately feel it in the seat of your pants....Substaintially!
At least with my 95"/tw37/BigBoyz street heads build...

WOW! It wasn't easy to find, but here it is. chas gave some great info on it here! Be sure to read the whole thread! Also there is a typo that carries I believe throughout the thread and that is the washer width which is 1-5/8 not 5/8... anyhow, great info and you will definately feel that boost down there where the TQ dip is!
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