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V&H Pro Pipe HS Baffles

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I have an 03 Fatboy which I am planning to change out the stock pipes. I have decided on the V&H Pro Pipe HS primarily for the style and looks. Reading up on the catalogs, I noticed you can purchase a competion baffle for these pipes. Does anyone know the difference between the regular baffle and the competion one? From what I am reading in the forum the Pro Pipes are a medum to loud pipe. I would rather be on the loud end of the noise spectrum. Can you folks give some input on what you feel are the louder pipes? Thanks in advance.
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Standard baffle is the best choice, IMO. It performs better in most circumstances, is plenty loud with a handful of wick and reasonably quiet when you want to be in neighborhoods and such.

GRock said:
Competition baffle will cost you in low to mid power range. Large dip in the TQ curve. Stick with the stock baffle and if you do mods afterwards then you can always drill out the holes a bit more. Trust me, this pipe will bark when opened up, but we have actually closed off a row or two of the holes to get maximum power. Great pipe right out of the box!

My indie tuner is really good and also closed off two rows of holes using hose clamps on the standard baffle. It runs great and he says it dynos best this way.

1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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