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Markfatboy05 said:
This is my last shot before purchasing. I have the SE II's slipons on my fatboy, no popping, runs great, just like the looks of the BSS. Do you guys have any poblems with them. I saw the thread on popping, etc. I don't want my bike to sound like some rat if this is going to happen.

Also, I was going to go with the quiet baffels, I have the stage 1 , you think it would be fine just switching out the exhaust.
I ride an 03' FLSTCi. The day I picked up the bike, I had the Stage 1 done (SE air breather / HD download etc.). I also had the V & H BSS installed. Absolutely LOVE them! They look and sound awesome (you can "click" on my profile, and see them on my bike). I really checked around before I bought, and have no regrets with these pipes. I have no popping or back firing at all. IMHO - get em!
Just my -2$en#e- .............Ride safe.......
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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