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Using ether to start?

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I have a '75 FLH Kick-only Shovel that just wont start if it is below 60 degrees outside. A friend of mine told me to "just give it a shot of ether." I was wondering if anyone has had good luck/bad luck with using ether on motorcycles. Any help is greatly appreciated. By the way, the shovel has S&S cylinders and dual plug heads.
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I would do a whole lot of tuning before I ever spray ether in my engine.

There must be a tuning adjustment you can make to compensate for the cold weather. I guess if it is used very sparingly it might be ok, but I've seen pistons in engines that ether was used in for winter conditions and they were cooked. Ether burns very hot and will round the edges of the pistons if used too often.

I would try something in the alternative....just one man's opinion.

This may not be the solution to your problem, but here's my 2 cents. I had a 76 Shovel that was very similar. I finally figured out that with a couple of cranks on the throttle, and then two or three kicks, it would start right up. Otherwise, I could kick for an hour and it wouldn't start.

Good luck.
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