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Just wanted some thoughts from those out there that are gurus (not me) on the functional value of using a cam degree wheel when installing cams versus going off the cam marks on the gears when setting them in.

The guy who helps me put my stuff together (as I am no expert, but trying to learn) and works as lead wrench at H-D dealer (30+ years exp) says it is not really needed by anyone other than drag racers looking for an extra 1/1000 of a sec more.

The guy I have do all my machine work (Big Al, Creastview FL) to include custom grinding my cams for me says it is extremely important to use it no matter which set of cams you are putting in because mass produced or custom grinds can be off a degree or so if just installed using marks.

As I have put lots of quality parts in this build I just don't want to skimp on something basic if it matters. The build already put together and not getting the early results I feel I should (500 miles on motor)

95ci .020 over
Mahle High Domed pistons (coated)
Heads: (Big Al) Level 3 port / decked / double plugged / chamber re-shaped / comp releases
Valves : Ferrea Hollow stem 2.0 intake / exh 1.615 /Ferrea guides/ springs/ retainers / 5 angle grind
Rivera Billet rocker support plate (HDWRENCH)
Ultima roller rockers (HDWRENCH)
S&S chrome moly adj pushrods
Feuling Super pump
Feuling lifters
Timken bearings
Cams: custom grind on Andrew's blanks....635 lift 258 intake 260 exh
4 degree advance outer cam gear
Billet Cam support plate
Dyna TwinFire DC9-2 30k volt coil (4 pole)
Scott graphite plug wires
Dyna TC88-2 Adj ignition module
Mik 45 with ported intake manfold
K&N Filter
Exhaust: V&H Big Radius....I know their a power killer (Looking for 2-1 right now)
6 speed trans
Kevlar clutch pack with heavy spring
30T front pulley
1.6kw starter to turn this beast
Running Sunoco GT Plus Unleaded Fuel (104 oct) due to high CR
Misc...odds and ends

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I do check some on the big builds when you are really runs close set ups. I find that most of the cams are within +/- 1* of spec. With a evo you can make the adjustment with a t/c you cannot. One company that I have never found to be off is REDSHIFT as they make each cam at a time. BUt I only use them for a few select evo builds and all of my sport work. They rock in a sporty I would not use any other cam in a sporty or buel.

Get a wheel they are not exspensive and check it out, great way to really see what is happing in your engine once you plot it out on paper.
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