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I've sold one on cycletrader.com you can do it all online if you have a digital picture of your bike. you'll still have to deal with the normal, people comeing to look at it and such. good source of what bikes are going for also.

good luck and ride safe.

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list your specific bike, and mods, and let us chime in.
chrome doo-dads don't really add much,
but a 6spd, or Big Bore do,
paint doesn't,
rims add some, based on taste.

and find a forum for that model, like http://www.v-rodforums.com/forums/
or the Deplhi Road King Riders forum.

be SURE to use a Reserve, if it gets close, you can do a Second Chance offer with a lower price than the original reserve.

FWIW, E-bay charges ~$45 to list a bike, and $40 more if you sell.

Auto Trader has a $55 "guaranteed" sell option.

Put ~5 pics on E-bay, and ~50 on
E-bay charges PER pictures, so I put a dozen on the E-bay ad,
and 77 pics of the car in there.

and be forewarned, E-bay is quickly becoming recognized as a place for Wholesalers to "steal" vehicles. Wholesalers are usually the only folks who can buy at a moments notice (have cash on hand) and they bid around trade value, and if you have no reserve, you could be fucqered.


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I sold my previous bike on Ebay. Take a lot of pictures and be prepared to answer a lot of questions. You can use the advanced search features to check completed auctions and see what similar bikes sold for. I used a reserve based on other sales, then I put the reserve amount in the auction description. Decide what your policy on test rides is before you list. I allowed people to come see the bike, but no one was allowed to ride until I had cash in hand. When I sold it, I offered a "tail light warranty" - the warranty expired when I could no longer see the tail lights.
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