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ZootFresh (www.ZootFresh.com) carries a unique product with a battery charging plug (SAE, 2-Pin) on one end at a USB port on the other.

People can be confused about what exactly a USB port is doing on a motorcycle. We have had many people come up to us at rallies and say that they don't like to listen to music on their bike, so they don't need a USB port. We are sometimes successful in convincing them otherwise.

The truth is that the product (SABEUS-1) has nothing to do with data transfer, and little to do with music. Instead the USB port provides the 5 VDC power your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, HTC, Samsung, Nokia or whatever phone you carry needs to charge it on the go. Your phone already has a cable that connects the phone to your computer or power outlet using a USB port.

Blackberries, Androids, HTC, and most phones (except iPhone) use a mini-USB plug to transfer data AND charge the handset. Iphone's use a cable with an iPod connector on one end and USB port on the other. Both types have a USB port on one end of the cable and that is what you use to charge the phone.

This is not limited to phones. Tablets (iPad's), MP3 players, cameras, GPS, and many other electronic devices use a USB power port to recharge the batteries.

If you don't think you need to charge while riding just think about finding a perfect spot for a photo and not having you phone charged to take that picture.

Just a thought.
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