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I'm running into one of those, "why didn't I think of that before" problems :duh?:

I wanted to go a little wider that the stock 130s when I replaced the rear tire on my FLSTC. I read where the the 880s had a 140 size that was a straight bolt on, so took that route on the replacement. The tire did fit just fine on the 3" wide rim and there weren't any clearance issues. But I have encountered a slight side effect. The increased width is really only on the left side of the tire, (away from the caliper), and therefore is a little offset on the centerline. As a result of the tracking offset, you get a little different feel and arc on a left turn vs. a right turn. It's not enough to be unsafe and the tire has more than enough grip either way, but you do feel the difference in aggressive corners.

I'm inclined to move up to a 3 1/2" rim, shave down the caliper and go to a 150 centered with the wide tire kit spacer on the next change.

Just thought I'd pass it along to save someone else a surprise. -2$en#e-
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