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Boy am I so happy I have a Harley!
Really is a nice riding bike, the problem is I
spend most of my time at the shop. Last weekend
went out riding the left mirror just broke off at the stem
bike was never dropped. Hum so also notice bolt is missing just
below mirror that holds handgrip on. This weekend I installed my screaming eagles 2 on runs great no more farting. Oh I did not rejet carbs or get the air cleaner truth it runs great. well why out riding I stop to look at the boats come back what the hell is that black crap all over my back rotor
well seem s that the caliper is dragging burning my brake pads up so back to the shop. guess I will not be riding this next weekend .
2002 Sportster 1200 xl
Thanks I just needed to vent !
Just tell me that it gets better.
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