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I bought two wheels with tires, rotors and pully. They are those black spoked (cast?) HD wheels used on Ultra classics etc. I want to take off the laced wheels on my RK Classic and put the cast wheels on. The axles are the same size. Apparently there is a spacer in the wheel between the bearings. The rear spoked wheel is missing the bearings and whatever goes between the bearings on the axle. The front spoked wheel has everything needed.

What goes in the axle? Bearings, spacer? Are sealed All Balls bearings the hot ticket?

Are there any spacer/shim concerns between the swing arm and the wheel bearings? Is this a direct swap?

Is the Ultra pully on rear wheel the same size as the RK Classic pully?

I think the spoked wheels came off a 2004 Ultra and my RKC is a 2004.

Why? Flat tires with tubes are a PITA.


Seabrook Trick Bagger

BTW: Merry Christmas and watch out for deer.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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