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I just purchased a 2001 Ultra Classic in July. I ride alot. I have a 75 mile commute for work and I ride for work when I can. We have had a very hot summer in NJ this year. The bike has the 95" upgrade.

I noticed immediately that the bike runs hot. In traffic I saw oil temperatures above 250 deg.F. I installed the HD oil cooler and changed the oil. Now under same conditions the oil temp is around 220 deg.F.

I ride with the lowers on all the time. I do notice at slow speeds the engine heat between the legs, but once the bike is moving even on a 95+ day the temp is fine.

When I bought the bike the air dam below the steering neck was missing. This is piece that looks like a clam shell that forces the air into the front of the engine. I was told that on the Ultra with the lower fairings it actually creates turbulence that restricts the air flow to the engine. [not sure this is true without a wind tunnel test]

Anyway, I've ridden on very hot days in stop-and -go traffic and never felt as though my leg were getting burnt.
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