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Hi all:
Helping a buddy diagnose issues that started on our ride together yesterday. Here are the facts.
2007 Ultra
FuelPak FP3 installed
"bus er" appeared in odometer display
No initial engine check light on power up. Did not see one after 20 seconds
When I ran DTC, 3 out of 4 address levels (P, S and T) returned a "no resp"
SP had codes for U1300, 1301, 1016, and 1255. All cleared except 1300 remained persistent.
On the ride after a lunch shutdown, the bike started, ran 2-3 seconds, and stopped. After several cycles of this it remained running.
Did not have my meter, but battery is recent, connections are clean and tight, and battery tended is used.
After pulling bike harness connector out of FuelPak to check connections and reinstalling it, bike always shut down after 2-3 seconds. Did not have the tools present to remove FuelPak from in front of ECM so I could get at the FuelPak to ECM connector.

So.......it seems to me FuelPak is a player in both issues:
Low bus voltage perhaps since bus runs through FuelPak before ECM
Bike runs and then shuts down.

I'm familiar with purposes of aftermarket fuel/air modifiers like FuelPak but never used one. I want to drop it out of the system and just reconnect factory connector directly to ECM to confirm if it is malfunctioning and causing the issues. My question-is there any danger in harm from doing that? Don't know if FuelPak rewrites anything in ECM that could be problematic if FuelPak is not connected?
Thanks in advance!!

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You can do it as a diagnostic aide. But what ever mods required the FudgePac are still going to be there.

The way that tuner works, sometimes the ecms get wise to it. Pull it off and see if the code clears. If it does, then put it back on and see what happens, it may be fine for another couple thousand ign cycles.
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