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Two Questions....Windshields and Apes

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I am thinking of putting on (with the quick release hardware, of course) a Memphis Slim windshield. Anyone out there use them? I'd be putting it on my '02 Fat Boy, so if that makes a difference, I would love to hear from anyone using one.
Second is that I have looked at many bars, from the beach bars to drags to the big buckhorns. But I am thinking I like the shorter apes. Like around 12 - 13". For those of you using them, do you like em? Any drawbacks over other types? I have heard your hands go numb... any one experience that?
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I have the Memphis 'Rio Grande'.

The top sets about even w/my chin (19" high windshield). Blocks the wind okay (some heavy buffeting over 60 mph.)

Removing it is a 'snap' (4 allen screws).


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I've got 16" apes and run a winshield when riding at night or taking trips, I like it, I'm 6'4" with fairly long arms though. I rode mine from SW Okla to Ft. Collins Co. this summer and never had any problems with my arms, now my ass was another story :)

I run a set of 15" apes on 3 inch stock risers on my Badboy and love 'em. Stock bars and drag bars are fine for some, but I am rather tall and they caused some lower back pain after a couple of hours. No such problem with the apes for me.

Just remember that you should keep you hand level lower than your heart, or your hands and forearms may fall asleep due to blood supply reduction.
I'm running mini apes with pull back risers on my low rider and love them. When we bought the bike it had a set of buckhorns on it, just didn't like them. I don't have any problems with my hands going numb. I'm 5'4" tall, the setup is perfect for me. When the old man gets on my bike he says it's not comfy for him because of the pull back risers, it puts his too close.

I love the look of drags, but it was just too far of a reach. I know my back wouldn't be able to go far.
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