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..............as I got to take Mrs. Jones for a ride on my scoot. Man, she loves to ride on a Harley! First time I had a passenger and while most of it was pleasurable, ie; the bumps in my back, the ride was much different on my Sporty 1200. Besides the obvious loss of power, I took special note of the difference in braking. She has always commented to me on a guy's ability to provide a "good ride", something I hope I can provide when and if I get a Dyna.
Secondly, about 20 minutes into the ride, it freakin' poured. First time in the rain too! Man, rain sure hurts bare skin! What was supposed to be my "fantasy ride" turned to ****! I do have a promise for a beach ride in a halter though! Hopefully we will be aside of a minivan with clean glass!
I guess I got Harley 102 and 103 over with. (First day I learned Harley 101; Ran out of gas:mad:
Anybody else have any similar stories?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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