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Two die in head-on motorcycle crash
By Gordon Wilczynski
JRC News Service

BAY CITY - A 49-year-old Armada man and a 34-year-old man from Bay City were killed Saturday evening when they collided head-on on their motorcycles in Hampton Township east of Bay City.

“I’ve never heard of anything like this,” Hampton Township police Lt. Mike Wedding said. “I’ve heard of motorcyclists headed the same way clipping each other and going off the road but nothing like this.”

Dead are Frederick William Mansfield of **** Creek Road in Armada in northern Macomb County and Douglas Clark of Bay City.

Wedding said an autopsy is being performed on Monday to determine if alcohol or any other drug played a part in the accident.

Wedding said the accident occurred at 9:06 p.m. on Saturday on M-25 east of Bay City. Mansfield was heading east when he was passing a car and collided with Clark, who also was on a motorcycle and was westbound.

Police said witnesses told them the westbound motorcycle driven by Clark did not have its headlight on.

Wedding said the accident occurred in a 50 mph zone. He said witnesses could not estimate the speed either of the cyclists was going.

Police said Clark was driving a 1970 Harley Davidson while Mansfield was on a 2001 Harley.

Mansfield has a brother in Warren and a sister in Spokane, Wash.


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Every second we have on this earth is a gift, Anyone of us never know when its coming. Im sorry to here about these to brother's
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