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I need an enclosed trailer to haul for a Road King and a Night Rod at the same time. Living in the NW, at time it would be nice to be able to haul the bikes to a sunnier spot in the State. At times it can be raining like mad west of the Cascades and on the East Side it will be sunny. I would appreciate recommenadation of brand names, sizes and pricess.

Just trying to get my spirits up on this rainy NW day.

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I have been looking for about 4 months and finally found the one I liked after looking at a lot right now I really like Th e Horton Hauler with the Motorcycle package 7x14 with a v nose i have to june or even july .It is for sturgis. :chopper:

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05fatty said:
Wells Cargo make nice enclosed trailers. Not cheap though.
mine cost me 6500.00 It was worth it though as i had 2 other brands before that were cheaper, but were really cheaper. They were not that bad but, If you are not looking to spend some $$$ don't looks at well cargo..mine is 7 by 14 dual wheels with brakes..Look at pace or haulmark....

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I fought the same myself as I went from a single bike (Dyna) to a second bike for my wife (1200 Sportster Custom). I had a good 5x8 trailer but wanted a 2 bike trailer. (Before the flames, I travel a lot in US teaching 3 week classes and 1 & 2 week TDYs for military...so uniforms & equipment with bike in trailer of no bike time).

I bought a Wells Cargo 7 x 10 (SE series).

Reasons; SINGLE axle...the most important to me because I can still move it easy by hand with tonque caster wheel. Not easy with twin axle. 7ft width lets 2 bike offset side by side. Only 10 ft lenght works. Biggest 1 axle I found.

Also, it had ramp door with enough height to get bikes in & out with windshields on. Check your height and door opening.

Has standard electric brakes, side vents (keeps inside cooler), low frame height, side door, LED outside lamps, inside lights, 205/15 tires which are better than dinky ones on some, standard rear corner stablizers (for when vehilce not connected). After trying others, I went with Wheeldock mounting. $300 each but keeps bike real secure.

Now down side. Heavy and large trailer. Really makes my 2004 6cly Explorer work towing with 2 bikes. Of course I am running 265/70/17s on the Explorer which isn't a help. It is wider and taller than the tow vehicle. Just, and I mean just, fits on the 8ft x 12 foot concrete pad.

I bought in Champagne. Looks cleaner than black or white as it doesn't show dirt as much. I would not buy black again like first trailer. Way to hot.

Last, I would buy it again tomorrow. About twice the price of cheaper trailer, but worth it to me for quality. ($10 head/$10 helmet or $2,000 bike in $500 trailer??). Hope that helps.

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Olympia area

Around Olympia there are a couple of trailer sales places just of the I.

What you want is more than a simply nI'll take that one kind of thing. The selection is related to cost: you can find a new enclosed unit for $ 3,500 that will do the immediate job. Then in a couple of months you'll figure out you wanted something else.

Basics should include:
wide enough for two bikes
rear ramp door
single axle

that's the easy part.

Then a bit bigger for extra stuff would be nice; a side door would be convenient, e-rail on the side walls, maybe circulation vents and the dream sheet goes on and on. So in many instances it probably would make sense to find someone you know who has a trailer and check it out. Find out what they like and dislike. Ask what they would do different next time. Over the net it real hard to do you any justice on your question.

Personally I found most of my friend spent close to $ 6,500 and more to get what they wanted. In some cases it was the second or third trailer before they were satisfied.

Good Luck.
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