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Well I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think you need to run two 6 volt
3 ohm coils in series because points like 5 ohm coils. Two 6 volt coils in series would be like a 12 voilt coil, Two 3 ohm coils in series would be 6 ohms. Does this sound right to you all? Lower than 5 ohms burns up the pionts.

I am sure about this, you want to run the timing at about 5 to 7 degrees less total advance. Two plugs give a faster better burn. Put the timing mark to the very front of the timing plug hole.

Plugs, you did not say if you have short or long reach plugs. I run Autolite 4265's on the long side (left) and 4275's on the short side (right).

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