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Twin Cam Oil Pump Questions ??????

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I just changed cams and when I removed cam support plate outer gerators came out of oil pump. harley service manual says nothing about punch marks having to be lined up & facing out. But I seen a article in american iron mag saying they do on a jims build with stock oil pump. I called harley dealer and they said oil pump isn"t timed and doesn't matter.
this bothers me. Bike is together and have about 20 miles on new cams and s&s gear drive. seems to have oil presure. ( light went out instantly & lifters pumped up).
Does anyone out there have any info. on this ??????
Hate to tear back down if not needed.
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When I built mine I had the same question and was told the punch marks were there as a revised part indicator. I don't think what you've done has hurt anything. But as a general rule you would have wanted to match the wear pattern of the rotors to either the wear pattern of the camplate or the rear of the pump.

Put a gauge on it. Your probably just fine.
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