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Twin Cam Ignition Modules

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Does anyone out there have any experience with Crane's HI-4TC ignition module.. Pros - Cons? Kinda' spendy..
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I would like to hear about this too. I don't want to waste my money.
Take a look at the user reviews Guys, It can be located off the MAIN PAGE.
I personally think that the Crane Fireball HI-4TC is AWESOME!!!!
Im sure that if you do a search on Adjustable ignitions you can read about some other modules that the guys and gals in the forum are using that they have gotton GREAT results with as well, and a couple are a few bucks cheaper.
Has anyone experience or information what is the difference between HI-4TC, Dyna TC88 and Daytona Twin Tec's TC88? Hippo mentioned in one of his reply that Twin Tec is the best, but would like to know more... As a novice Harley owner need to know more...
Won't let me get on there with out login on. Can you copy and paste it or just email me with the info. THANKS!!!
I've had mine for a little over a year. Since it went in at the same time as everything else, it's hard to say exactly what the gains were. It did seem to add some extra horse over similar set ups that stuck close to the stock unit.

Crane claims that it helps start up even when the engine is hot. It does seem to do that. Bike starts better now, even when hot, then it did stock.

If you put one in, remember it changes the entire trouble code system. The engine light stays on until it starts.
I can vouch for the HI-4TC. I looked at the specs of the competion and decided on that one. I'm not interested in max power (I'd ride a jap if I was!). I want smooth even power and running culture. The HI-4TC has given me that via it's great adjustability. But to take advantageof that you HAVE to know something about ignition adjustments. There are just too many options for just trial and error. Your typical Harley mech won't do either - this new fangled computer stuff, mate! I'm working with my HI-4TC, a CV carb, a Mikuni Flatside and a box full of jets to sort out the mess that the factory has made (I guess due to anti-polution laws - in that light they have done a good job actually. Without loading the bike with huge catalysts and air venting systems ...)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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