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TT224 – December 12, 2005
TSSM Enhancements
The TSSM has changed to a “D” version part number for the 2006 model year and will retrofit
back to 2000 model year motorcycles. The following enhancements have been made:
1. In storage mode the system monitors for vehicle motion only, and will set off the alarm
when the vehicle is moved.
2. In storage mode the vehicle‘s security system is activated either by turning the Ignition
ON, or by moving the vehicle. Once the system is active, the FOB can be used to
disarm the vehicle.
3. The storage mode factory default setting is 20 days for all models except XL, which is
10 days.
4. When you ARM the security system it will issue two siren confirmation chirps (if a siren
is installed), and when you DISARM the security system, it will issue one chirp.
5. When the system is ARMED and the vehicle is moved (or the ignition is turned ON),
the system will issue two warnings before activating full alarm mode. This is a courtesy
warning, reminding the customer to disarm the security system before using the
vehicle. If vehicle motion continues, or the ignition is not turned back to OFF, the
system will activate full alarm mode.
If the ignition is turned on when in the ARMED state:
• 1st warning after 1.5 seconds
• 2nd warning after 4 seconds
• Full alarm after another 4 seconds
If the vehicle is moved in the ARMED state:
• 1st warning immediately
• 2nd warning after 4 seconds
• Full alarm after another 4 seconds
Note: The time counts from the beginning of one warning to the beginning of the next
warning (not from the end of the previous warning to the beginning of the next). In
other words, warnings are issued at a rate of 4 seconds.
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