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When I bought my FB Lo last year, I had the dealer:

Triple-S HD of Morgantown, WV

install V&H BSS pipes on my bike.

Well a year later I am doing upgrades to my bike and took the pipes off because I am changing to a D&D Low Cat.

Took the pipes off no issues. Went to take the O2 sensors off and the front one came off no problem. Went to take the rear one off and it broke loose OK, turned a 1/2 a turn then started tightening up. Aw oh... feels like it was cross-threaded.

Hit it with PB Blaster and the boss with a torch and got it apart.

Yep. Cross-threaded.

Called Triple-S and talked to the service manager who "explained" that this wasn't their fault, after saying that sometimes the boss has chrome in it that makes it hard to thread the O2 sensor (um thread chaser?). But in any case this wasn't their fault or their problem. It worked fine for a year.

WTF? They installed it! I hadn't touched the sensor until 2 days ago.

Nope not their problem and nothing they were going to do about it. So I am out an O2 sensor and perhaps a re-saleable exhaust.

Thank you Triple-S for both the incompetence of your service personnel and your un-willingness to stand behind your work. Oh yeah and for calling me a liar.

Thank God Z&M and Zanotti's are closing down so dealers like Triple-S can stay in business.
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