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I lived outside Cleveland since childhood and moved to VA Beach for about 5 years. For the first 5 months I was in VA Beach my wife and children were still in Ohio so I made this trip every weekend. The best route I found was...

Ohio Pike to Pa Pike.. Get off at Breezewood ( nice stopping point for gas / food and maybe over night since its about the exact 1/2 way point) take 70S to 522. 522 will take you to Winchester ( a good sized town ) 522 to 17s and 17 south will dump you onto 95 north of Richmond. From Richmond the only real way to VA beach is 64east. That will dump you right into VA Beach.

Like I said I’ve taken this route about 30+ times and in my opinion its a great mix of driving and traffic. The only real chance at traffic you will see is the area around Richmond and possible and delays on 64 since its the main choice to get to VA Beach....

once you get off The PA pike... until you get to 95s its all country style driving. I would guess that 90% of that stretch is 4lane roads with a 20foot grass median separating. Its all rolling hills and gorgeous Northern Virginia Country. A few of the towns you go through look straight out of the early 1900's with main street downtowns.

I cant recommend this route enough for a motorcycle ride.. Hell I was thinking about making the trip myself this summer just for the ride alone.

One other suggestion I have is to try and find a Bed and Breakfast someplace around Hancock WV. That’s the 1900's style town that I mentioned.

Driving in my mustang I would usually make this trip in 91/2 - 10hrs only stopping for gas. When my family moved down we regularly made the trip in 11hrs stopping to sit down for food and dring the family truckster.

Good luck, and post again closer to your trip... If you would like a travel partner I might make that ride with ya....

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