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Thinking about a 6 speed conversion. I haven't really researched this topic much. But I ran across the Trick Shift gears and wanted to get feed back. I like the idea of changing out the gears instead of the whole trans because of the cost savings. Am I looking in the right direction?

TRIK SHIFT® 6-Speed Overdrive Gear Sets with CHROME Trapdoor and Bearings
These complete gear sets with trapdoors and bearings (close-ratio 2.94:1 first gear and .893:1 overdrive sixth gear) come pre-assembled and ready to bolt into the Original Equipment transmission cases on most Big Twin models from 2000 to present TWIN CAMS 2000-CURRENT THIS KIT INCLUDES OIL FILL SPACER FOR CLEARANCE OF 6 SPEED TRANS GEAR SET UPS OR OVER SIZE STARTER. These kits benefit from all of the advantages found in the complete TRIK SHIFT® 6-speed transmission assemblies but without the higher cost. They include all of the parts found in the 6-speed gear sets as well as our TRIK SHIFT® forged aluminum trap door for strength and durability. Having the gear set pre-assembled to the trap door simplifies and speeds up the installation. Each kit also includes a chrome end cover . THIS SET WILL FIT 2000-UP TOURING BIKES.
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