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I've been struggling to get my 107" build tuned in using the Tmax w/ AT on my 2007 Streetglide for about 3 weeks now. Today, I think I made good progress.

I've been using map #359, which is designed for a SE 110" build with stock CVO heads. I know a couple other guys are using this map as well on their 107"s. I mainly chose it becasue it's one of the few TMax maps using the SE 4.89 gm/s injectors (even though I'm using a different throttle body). It ran okay, bike rode smooth at all rpms, power was decent, etc. I was a bit disappointed in the baseline Dyno I got, although it wasn't totally unexpected. I knew the tune was off. My peak numbers were low and I had a flat area with dip in the torque curve between 3000-4000 rpm. I've been messing with that map for awhile now without much luck.

Anyway, last night I found another map for a Zipper's 120" motor using a Zipper's 54mm throttle body, map #359 is setup for the SE 50mm and I'm using the HP inc 55mm, and the SE 4.89 injectors. It was for a bigger cam and the Boarzilla pipe rather than the Fatcat I'm using, but I figured the AT would help with that.

I loaded the map this morning, cleared all the offsets, ran through the whole initialization again, and went for a ride. What a difference! I concentrated on running through all the gears at different rpms and loads to try and maximize the learning, and after about 100 miles the bike seems to be doing great.

The flat spot I had in the torque curve between 3000-4000 seems much better and the bike really seems to jump off the line better than before. It's also running cooler than before by a few degrees and is revving up faster. I haven't run it up to the top end yet, didn't get a chance today. But if the top end responds as well as the bottom, it should be good.

I'll know more in the next few days, but for anyone who has the same build and is using the Tmax, you might want to try map #365.

My build:
'07 Streetglide
GMR 107"
R&R CNC heads
Andrews 55H cam
FatCat w/ quiet baffle
55mm Hp Inc throttle body w/ SE 4.89 injectors
Zipper's High Flow A/C on SE backplate

Edit: Forgot to mention, this map goes pretty rich pretty fast. For now, I've used an AFR of 13.3 across the board using the AFR override. Figured this was safe until I decided how the map is working as I'm familiar with how my bike was running at that AFR with the other map.
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