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Sporty trans/primary

I've got a '93 Sportster. The trans/primary filler is on the left,(shifter) side. Look on the primary and you'll see a little round disk, bout 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Take it off, have someone sit on your bike to hold it straight up, an pour in one quart of Sportster Trans/Primary fluid. If you saved your fluid and it's not in a dirty container or mixed with your oil, just pour it back in. If not, go to AutoZone and get a quart of Mobil 1, V-Twin motorcycle oil. Mobile 1 is damn proud of that V-Twin oil, 7.99 a quart here in GA. I've checked with Mobil and they say Sportsters are different from other HD's and recommend using the same oil in the trans/primary as the oil tank. I'm already runnin Mobil 1 V-Twin oil in my oil tank and plan to use it in my trans/primary at my next change.

If you have any othe questions, email me at [email protected] (put in your heading you're GSO, or I may delete it without reading)

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